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If you are employed and answered yes, please provide details of your future employer in the Main Income Referee section.

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If yes, please provide details of your additional income using the ‘Additional Income Referencing Form’. Please complete one form for each source of additional income

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Please note: Your next of kin detailed below must not be a fellow occupier of the prospective rental property

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Use of Data

I am aware and agree that the information included in my application will be kept, stored and managed by The Lettings Hub in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. I hereby certify that the information provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and give permission for this information to be verified using a number of various sources. These sources may include consulting the databases of credit reference agencies, the electoral roll, the Industry Sortcode Directory (ISCD) as well as any other sources of information in relation to the details I have provided on my application.


I also understand and consent that:

  • The Lettings Hub may contact me on the contact details I provided in this application for the purpose of completing my reference.
  • The Lettings Hub may pass on any information I have supplied in my application and the results of any linked verification checks to my Letting Agent/appointed landlord.
  • If I default on my rental payment or apply for a new tenancy agreement in the future The Lettings Hub may review the results of the verifications and searches mentioned above.
  • If I default on my rental payments, this may be recorded on The Lettings Hub’s central database and such a default may affect any future applications I make for tenancies, credit and insurance.
  • The Lettings Hub can use debt collection agencies or tracing agents to trace my whereabouts and recover any monies I owe to The Lettings Hub.
  • I understand that by consulting with a Credit Reference Agency, the Agency will keep a record of this search and that the results of this search may show how I conduct my payments with any other organisations. I also understand that the way I conduct the rental payments as part of this tenancy may be disclosed to the Agency and may affect future credit applications. This information may also be used for debt tracing and fraud prevention. I understand I may request the name and address of the credit Reference Agency The Lettings Hub use.
  • Please note that all information provided on your application will be supplied to credit reference and fraud prevention agencies as we will be conducting on-going credit checks throughout the tenancy term. Any change in your credit record will be notified to your letting agent and either your letting agent or The Lettings Hub may contact you with to regards to this. Please be aware that as a result of having to contact your referees to verify the information you have supplied we will be sending limited amounts of your personal data via email and cannot guarantee that it will always be secure due to the very nature of the internet.
  • I understand that by ticking this box I am consenting that The Lettings Hub may share my personal data with the referees I provided to assist them with the details of my earnings/dates of employment/previous tenancy term (if appropriate) in order to progress the completion of my application to rent a property.
  • We may be required by your agent and landlord to supply change of tenancy information to the relevant providers to ensure that utility bills are correctly directed to those responsible both at move-in and move-out. If your letting agent subscribes to this service, we will contact you to discuss your legal rights and responsibilities in relation to utility services within your rental property and help you source preferential rates for selected energy, broadband and telecoms services before you move in. This advice and support service will always be provided free on a “100% no-obligation” basis.
  • Your data will be handled in accordance with the relevant data protection legislation at all times and any data collected will only be used to allow us and any subsequent service providers to meet your stated requirements. We are committed to privacy for all clients and never “sell on” client data at any time. Furthermore, your information will only be used for the purposes as stated above.
  • After the initial introduction call(s) we like to keep you periodically informed electronically of any specific updates or new deals available which we feel may be of interest to you. Respect for your privacy is paramount and if you prefer not to receive any future periodic updates then please inform us at any time by calling 0345 241 0765 or emailing

I understand that by ticking this box I am giving my consent for the information to be used as outlined above. I confirm that I will contact my referees in order to notify them that The Lettings Hub will be contacting them shortly in order to obtain references. I understand that by notifying them this will provide The Lettings Hub with the best opportunity to complete my application for a rented property as quickly as possible without delay and provides my authority for them to do so.

The Lettings Hub and our letting agent customers feel that it is important that tenants have their contents adequately covered at all times. It may also be a condition of their tenancy, stated in their tenancy agreement, that they require adequate insurance to cover their landlord’s fixtures and fittings.

The Lettings Hub prides itself on delivering excellent customer service, we would like to contact you once your referencing has been completed to obtain feedback on our service.

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